Will My Insurance Pay for This?

Will My Insurance Pay for This?

One of the most common questions we get from patients is whether their procedure is going to be covered by their insurance.  The answer is the same whether you have visited us from here in Austin, San Antonio, Belton, Dallas, or anywhere else in the great State of Texas: it depends on your insurance.


There are a few things that generally hold true for all our patients, and hopefully the explanation below will help you understand some of the confusing insurance terms. Our office staff will help you figure out whether your procedure will be covered, but the final say always goes to the insurance companies.



For procedures that are not covered by insurance, payment plans may be available, as well as financing through third parties such as Lending USA and Care Credit. When you call to make your appointment with Dr. Ditto, our office staff will assist you with this process and answer your specific questions.






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