The Truth About Injectables: BOTOX

Q:        Does it hurt?

A:        Depending upon your pain tolerance, you may find Botox uncomfortable. A 32 or 33 gauge needle, which is one of the smallest size Needles, is used to inject the medication. Most patients describe the sensation as a sting, or a pinprick. I’ve had it myself and would describe the feeling as a burning sensation that goes away in 2-3 seconds.

Q:        How much do I need?

A:        That depends on your skin and your desired results. During your consultation, I will discuss with you the options for treatment and my recommendations based upon your desired results.

Q:        How fast does it work?

A:        You should see your desired results within 3-5 days following the injections.

Q:        How long does it last?

A:        The results are not permanent. The time between treatments depends upon your skin and your desired results. Most patients seek another treatment every 3-4 months. At your consultation, we will discuss my recommendations for your follow-up.

Q:        How does it work?

A:        The official drug name is onabotulinumtoxina, and the official drug class is neurotoxin. It works by selectively blocking your nerves from transmitting signals (impulses) to your skin, causing it not to wrinkle.

Q:        Can you get it when pregnant or breastfeeding?

A:        No. There are no studies that have determined Botox is safe while pregnant or breastfeeding, and therefore I recommend you wait until after you are through with your pregnancy and are done breastfeeding before scheduling a consultation for Botox.

Q:        Are there side effects?

A:        Some patients may bleed or bruise temporarily (especially those that have a tendency to bruise easily).

Q:        What are the possible complications?

A:        Although it is rare (especially with a trained, experienced injector), some patients experience a temporary drooping of the eyelid, bruising, bleeding, facial asymmetry, headaches, pain, or swelling near the injection sites. As the administration of Botox is a medical procedure, we will go over the risks and benefits when obtaining your informed consent to undergo the procedure.


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Dr. Ditto

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