Sleeve Gastrectomy

Have you decided you need a lifestyle change? Is your health in danger and diet/exercise failing? A Sleeve Gastrectomy may be an option to discuss with your doctor. Your weight loss journey can begin today!

Weight loss surgeries are designed to help people lose weight after previous attempts at weight loss have failed. However, safe and successful weight loss with this procedure requires you to make a commitment. A commitment to change current eating habits and behaviors is essential to develop substantial weight loss.

Sleeve Gastrectomy (Sleeve)

The Sleeve is performed by removing approximately 65-80 percent of the stomach. The remaining stomach is a tubular pouch that resembles a banana.

How Does It Work?

This procedure works by several mechanisms. First, the new stomach pouch holds a considerably smaller volume than the normal stomach and helps to significantly reduce the amount of food (and thus calories) that can be consumed. The greater impact, however, seems to be the effect the surgery has on gut hormones that impact a number of factors including hunger, satiety, and blood sugar control.

Short term studies show that the sleeve is as effective as the roux-en-Y gastric bypass in terms of weight loss and improvement or remission of diabetes. There is also evidence that suggests the sleeve, similar to the gastric bypass, is effective in improving type 2 diabetes independent of the associated weight loss. The complication rates of the sleeve fall between those of the adjustable gastric band and the roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

While every patient is different, on the whole, this is a highly effective weight loss surgery, especially for those patients with few comorbidities.


1. Restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold

2. Induces rapid and significant weight loss that comparative studies find similar to that of the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Weight loss of >50% for 3-5+ year data, and weight loss comparable to that of the bypass with maintenance of >50%

3. Requires no foreign objects (AGB), and no bypass or re-routing of the food stream (RYGB)

4. Involves a relatively short hospital stay of approximately 2 days (my patients typically stay overnight only)

5. Causes favorable changes in gut hormones that suppress hunger, reduce appetite and improve satiety


1. Is a non-reversible procedure

2. Has the potential for long-term vitamin deficiencies

3. Has a higher early complication rate than the AGB

4. Can sometimes worsen reflux disease.


Remember weight loss surgery IS ONLY A TOOL!

As your stomach is greatly reduced following surgery (to that of a large egg or banana), your nutritional intake is one of the most important aspects of your treatment. Adequate nutrition helps in the healing of your incisions, preventing gastric discomfort, and in maintaining your nutritional health.

With the resources and tools provided by Ditto Surgical, you will be prepared for success throughout your entire weight loss journey! 



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