Fat Grafting and Injection

Facial Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting or Fat Injection)

In a fat grafting procedure, Dr. Ditto will transfer excess fat from areas such as the outer thighs, hips, or stomach, and inject it into areas that may be lacking in volume, such as your cheeks, brows, and lips to create an overall more youthful appearance. This is generally a safe, long-lasting, and well-tolerated procedure that usually produces natural-looking results. 

When to Consider Fat Transfer?

As we age, the face loses volume, which gives a hollow look to the cheeks and mid-face. A facial fat transfer works to restore an overall more youthful appearance by putting volume back in those areas that have sunken or creased with the normal aging process. You should consider a facial fat transfer if:

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Life After Facial Fat Transfer 

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and/or light IV sedation and recovery time is usually only a few days.

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