Dr. Ditto's Pre-Operative Tips for Weight Loss Surgery Success

Bariatric surgery is a lifestyle choice and requires lifestyle changes. Here are 10 tips you can start today to help increase your post-operative weight loss success!

Tip #1

Be mindful of your portion sizes 

Tip #2 

Start reading food labels 

Tip #3 

Explore protein supplements

Tip #4 

Practice eating slowly and chewing thoroughly

Tip #5 

Practice eating a 3 small meals and two snacks 

Tip #6 

Practice mindful eating 

Tip #7

Plan your meals in advance 

Tip #8 

Wean yourself away from sugary and carbonated beverages 

Tip #9 

Begin an exercise program

Tip #10 

Keep a food log 

If you would like to explore your weight-loss surgery options, call our office today at (512) 436-9986 or book an appointment online www.dittosurgical.com 

Dr. Ditto

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